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Update Problems - Solarwinds Completely Non-Functional - Support Not Helpful

3 weeks ago, we attempted to upgrade or old unsupported version of Solarwinds Orion(NTA,NPM,NCM, and SAM) to the current version. In order to do this, we needed to update our Windows version from 2012 to 2019 and our SQL from 2014 SP4 to 2017. We decided to blow away the old servers instead of doing with windows upgrade but both the SQL and pollers. I checked the upgrade adviser and Solarwinds Tech support both of which told me this would not be a problem but the tech recommended that we upgrade to an intermediary version that was supported before we do the updates so that if we had problems we could get support if needed during the upgrade. We did this.

We have had nothing but problems since. Support from Solarwinds has been abysmal. After 2 weeks things, we could finally browse to and log into the website but could not click into any nodes nor could we run network discovery. We were told by support that this was a bug that that there would be a fix for it soon. HOW IS THIS A SOLUTION!? The system is completely no functional. We can't even download backups if we needed to because we couldn't get to anything but the summary homepage. 3 days ago the few parts that were working stopped and we spent another 2 days on the phone troubleshooting(running repairs and the configurator over and over). Once the system was finally back up to being able to browse to the website but still in a completely nonfunctional state, we found that there was a hotfix that came out after the latest base version that we installed. We attempted to install this and everything is again completely broken. Solarwinds support told us that there was nothing that could be done and that we have to complete remove and reinstall Orion and all of the modules. AGAIN, HOW IS THIS A SOLUTION!?

I am at my wits end and am completely unsure at this point of how to proceed. Does anyone have any thoughts? Is there someone from Solarwinds that can give us some guidance?

Thank you,


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Warning to anyone else out there the November 2019 CU for Windows 2016 killed our polling engine last night.

Support says the patch is wreaking havoc on other customers. Uninstall brought us back thankfully.

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Which KB was it that was causing the problems?

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Support said it caused agent issues on Windows hosts as well for another customer.

I'm still dealing with fallout from this patch so beware. I'm really beginning to abhor Windows 2016/2019 patching. I'm not sure how Microsoft can expect customers to take 1+ hour for these monthly cumulative updates. Luckily, they seem to uninstall cleanly.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Brandon this is certainly not an experience we wish any of our customers to have.  I have located your support cases and sent an email to the support management group requesting immediate escalation.  It looks like you have already reached out to your account rep for that assistance as well which is certainly appropriate.  Please feel free to let me know if you fail to receive contact.   

Thank you for the reply. We have gotten some action on our issues, although so far nothing moving us toward notable a resolution.

Yes, I had reached out to a few people who got me in contact with my customer support rep. I have been contacted a couple of times by technical support. We are still down after the complete re-installation of the Orion core and the hotfix. It was advised that we install the hotfix this time by support once we had completed the re-installation of the core. Support is supposed to be contacting us again this morning and we were told that several managers from technical support are monitoring our tickets.

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I feel your pain. Its such a mega massive application with so many moving pieces and parts that its difficult to feel fearless in upgrading or throwing anything at it - hot fixes, patches, service re-installs etc.

I don't think any of us who manage mission critical monitoring for several companies feels 1000% comfortable and fearless doing upgrades. Hence why so many people say they always "wait for HF1" before upgrading.

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