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Up/Down Node Events Custom Information

Wanted to see if anyone has tried or uses something similar to what I'm trying to accomplish.  So currently if there is a outage at a site, procedures have us fill out a note to email our locals to advise of a network outage.  There is also a note sent when service is restored at the site.  Currently, I have a spreadsheet with macros that you input the event log and manually put in some information, such as time zone difference and ticket number.  I'm re-designing a majority of our tool and I'm wondering if there's a way to generate this from the SW custom node view.  So for example node X goes down at 12:00 on 6/30 and this site is located at 123 Jane Street.  Is there a way to have a reference on the details to pull all this from the node details and the time/date from the event logs?  Also being able to hyper link a ticket would help as well.  Appreciate any help on this.

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If you are using WebHelpDesk as your ticketing system, this level of integration is automatic. The node details like site, address, etc would have to maintained as custom properties that you can include in the alert actions using alert variables. You can view screenshots and understand the process in the link below

Web Help Desk v12 Release Candidate Now Available!

It is also covered in detail in the administrator guide

For this kind of 2-way integration with any other ticketing system, you will need to build a custom integration using the Orion API.

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HI there

have you tried doing this with Alert Central ? that might be able to help in that direction as its customisable.

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