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Unmanaged Utility - Time Zone query

I have query on setting up the schedules between the time zones. Our server is in UTC and need to schedule the server in Unmanaged mode as per EST.

Of course, we have to convert to the time zone where the Solarwinds app server is in. The query is, since majority of the time zones have a day light savings change once in every 6 months, which one need to consider? In this example EST, but currently it is EDT. We have an option "Synchronize across time zones" with a check box as shown below.

When I tried to convert the EST to UTC, it was showing to consider EDT in a time zone converter.

Basically, with the synchronize option, what needs to be considered EST or EDT. Based on this, if the job has to run next month after the Day Light savings change, will it adjust automatically and run the schedule?



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Hi zackm​ and designerfx​ - Sure, will update here once I have tested .

I think that's an accurate summary, maybe uniswtc​ can correct if that's wrong.

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My team doesn't use the "Unmanage" options very often, but we also do not manage servers.  Just firewalls, switches, routers, and our Solarwinds pollers & databases, none of which are down long enough to warrant being temporarily unmanaged.

But I envision a day where Change Management will include steps for unmanaging alerting of devices when they're experiencing planned maintenance.  I can even see a day when Change Management tools grow big enough and sophisticated enough to take care of all the steps, from the actual maintenance to the temporary disabling of alerts, to testing, to roll-backs, to re-enabling of alerts.  And including all the alerting of customers outside the normal Solarwinds alerts.