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Unmanaged Utility - Time Zone query

I have query on setting up the schedules between the time zones. Our server is in UTC and need to schedule the server in Unmanaged mode as per EST.

Of course, we have to convert to the time zone where the Solarwinds app server is in. The query is, since majority of the time zones have a day light savings change once in every 6 months, which one need to consider? In this example EST, but currently it is EDT. We have an option "Synchronize across time zones" with a check box as shown below.

When I tried to convert the EST to UTC, it was showing to consider EDT in a time zone converter.

Basically, with the synchronize option, what needs to be considered EST or EDT. Based on this, if the job has to run next month after the Day Light savings change, will it adjust automatically and run the schedule?



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uniswtc, what is the result of your testing on 4/2?  I am following as we have had a similar issue.



Hi camuetzel​, zackm​, designerfx​ and all,

Sorry, I was busy and could not update. It is learnt that if the server time zone is in CET and has DST applies every 6 months, then it will be adjusted to the server only. Not, to the other servers/devices time zone. You need to adjust your schedules based on the other time zones. In our case, the app servers is in UTC and it follows UTC (with no DST). Hence, I had adjust the timings based on the requirement of the servers time zone.

In case, if you want to schedule devices in CET, then you need to create 2 schedules, each for 6 months. If no change in your device's time zone, only one Schedule should be fine.

I think this should be taken care by Solarwinds in the coming versions, in the Unmanaged Utility, so that the task scheduler can consider that and run without changing/re-scheduling or setting up to schedules for an year.

Hope it helps. Thanks all for your help and suggestions .

Uh, you're asking me tasks? Just use UTC as solarwinds does so that time changes are completely unimportant. Trying to accommodate timezones will literally make your life more difficult. UTC is absolutely what you should try to use. Just push the job back an hour to accommodate time changes that UTC wouldn't and problem solved. Or uncheck synchronize.

You are correct about the synchronize I would think uniswtc​, it will sync from "now" to "future state", effectively flip flopping on time changes. However, having a job be this important to you and running through windows task scheduling is a very, very bad idea. Windows scheduling is nice in few instances and fairly risky otherwise. I mean you'd have to watch it via other sources to even make sure if it works, and could be stating it's working when it's not or a variety of other factors.

First google result for windows tasks utc:

Triggers (MS KB)

designerfx I used Triggers only . If using the Task scheduler in Windows is very bad idea, then any idea which another best one to use?

Well, what are you trying to do? What is this schedule supposed to make happen?

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designerfx Here is an example. Currently EMEA TZ, CET has 1 hour behind UTC (UTC - 1). If I setup the schedule as per the CET (e.g. schedule to run @ 11:25 AM CET, 10:25 AM UTC), after the Daylight savings during month end or april first week, the CET becomes 2 hours behind UTC (UTC - 2). Since we selected the check box synchronize across time zones, does the schedule runs at 11:25 AM CET (UTC - 1) or 12:25 AM CET (UTC - 2)?

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Heh, thank you uniswtc - I get what you mean, but you're still talking windows scheduled tasks.  I mean outside of the task, what is this task actually doing? Not just a strict talk about the time. From a time standpoint synchronize theoretically should follow the time changes and a lack of would do exactly as you understand. However, I was asking again about what you're doing with scheduled tasks because relying on windows task scheduler (I'll be more explicit now) for anything at all is risky and prone to issues. Is it kicking off a backup?Copying a file? Rebooting? what?

Hi designerfx​, Sorry, I did not get the intense of your question . The task is to keep the devices in Unmanaged Mode by scheduling, since they have a monthly outage every 2nd Sunday, to do some system specific tasks on AS400 servers. They take outage and may reboot them as well.

Hope I have answered now

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uniswtc​ you do know you can schedule unmanagement of any amount of nodes at the same time for a future date from the manage nodes page, without using the utility and based on your local time?  This might be an easier short term answer. You can even add a component to a summary page that displays scheduled unmanagement times and nodes that are down while unmanaged. The web component "nodes not up" lets you see nodes that are down but unmanaged and there is one that lets you see what is scheduled to be unmanaged as well.

I haven't worked with the unmanaged utility this much myself.  Maybe rschroeder​ knows someone who works with the unmanage utility a lot?


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Hi designerfx​, Even, we use the manual method of keeping the devices in unmanaged mode with the Unmanage option for the irregular intervals or when needed. The Unmanage utility would be used to keep the devices in Unmanaged mode for regular intervals i.e., every week/month same time (planned activities). We have been using it successfully, but earlier we had to make changes every 6 months due to Day light savings. But, when we have upgraded to NPM 11.5.2 & SAM 6.2.2, we could see the synchronize time zone option. We even enabled that option, but got some issues that some of the devices got node down alerts.

Hence, I just wanted to check, if anyone else is using it. Since, no one has responded, I mentioned you . Sorry to bother you. Now, I have plan to test it on a test server in the required time zones, before and after day light savings.

FYI, In the Unmanage Utility you can select the required nodes and setup duration only. When you save it, it creates a .cmd file which has to be used in Task Scheduler and there you can select your start time and frequency (weekly/monthly).

rschroeder - Thanks for the information.

no bother uniswtc​, happy to help where I can! I unfortunately just don't have too much to offer on this one, I dislike the unmanage scheduler thing. That's why I looped in rschroeder​ and also maybe zackm​ may have some good ideas who else to loop in to help?

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This thread is a little hard to follow; let's recap:

Is the intent to unmanage nodes on the 2nd sunday of the month for X amount of time, no matter where the actual nodes are in the world?

If so, what is the local Orion server time zone, and what are the target node time zones?

Hi zackm​,

A device has been scheduled in Unmanaged status for a regular frequency (every month 2nd Sunday for 2 hours duration) via Unmanaged Utility and Task Scheduler. In the task scheduler (triggers tab) we have enabled the Synchronize across time zones. The Orion server is in UTC and as per the CET, adjusted the time in UTC and scheduled.

Today the Day Light Savings changed and now the difference between UTC & CET is 2:00 hours, till yesterday it was 1 hour only. I had kept them in last week, when the 1 hour difference was there.

The question is would it consider the daylight savings and still schedule it as per the CET?

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Got it.

So, when you check the "Synchronize Across Time Zones" option, what that is actually doing (which the GUI is horrible about signifying) is switching your schedule to respect UTC.

When the box is unchecked, the schedule respects the local time of the server the task is running on.

The trouble you're going to have is that, from what I can tell, your local Orion server (where the task runs) is in UTC/GMT, and the target time zone is CET, which has an inherent 1-2 hour difference based on the time of the year.

Ways you might overcome this limitation (I have not tested, just throwing ideas out here):

  • Use a script to create an event, then trigger your unmanage task from that event instead of from a time
  • Use the SDK to manage your tasks instead of the unmanage scheduling utility

FWIW, my gut tells me that having the "Synchronize Across Time Zones" option should work for you, but without any testing, I can't say for sure.

Hi zackm​, thanks for the details and I understood. Yes, even I wanted to test it before CET DST change, but could not. Last Sunday it has changed . Now, I need to modify the time to UTC as per the current CET and need to test before next DST happens . Is there any time zone, which DST did not take place yet, so that I can test?

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Australia changes DST as well on 02/04. We always change DST on the first Sunday of April/October.

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Actually yes!

New Zealand typically switches about a week after everyone else. So they are observing DST on 4/2/2017

Thank you zackm​. I will now schedule a device and test before and after 4/2/2017.

sounds great! please do come back and share your results with everyone uniswtc​!!!

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yeah, we're all watching uniswtc