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Unmanaged Node SQL filter

Hi folks.  I have a dashboard set up and I want to include a "box" for any unmanaged nodes.  I already have one to list DOWN nodes for the enterpise that works just fine for my team.   I cannot find the SQL to list only unmanaged nodes in a separate box.   Can you help?  I can clearly see that there is an UnManaged SQL Filter, but I cannot get it to agree with me

I was assuming UnManaged = '1' but it is not working. 



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Here is a nice little report, from alexslv‌, Resource to display unmanaged information on the node page including user info.

If you remove the "n.NodeID = '${NodeID}' AND" filter towards the end, you can use it on a main/summary page to display all unmanaged devices, with some other useful information as well.

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That worked!  I had to start with the ALL NODES resource, then trim it down to Department='WAN' AND Unmanaged=1

Unmanaged Resource.PNG

Thank you!

Only downside is that you don't see what period the device is unmanaged for. If you create a report to show unmanaged devices and the period they're unmanaged for, you can display this resource instead.

I use this report

Unmanaged Until Report

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Great. Please mark the discussion as Answered

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Level 17

It's probably because Unmanaged nodes are not Down nodes. Start with the All Nodes resource (the official terminology for "box") instead of Down Nodes resource, and set the filter to Unmanaged =1. Don't enclose 1 in quotations since it is not a text comparison.

Level 13

Please try this filter:

Status = '9'