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Level 12

Universal Device Pollers - confusing myself... probably.


I know I can create UDP's for aspects not monitored out of the box. Further I know that I can assign that poller within the UDP tool to other similar nodes. I also know that I can't manage these pollers within the Solarwinds GUI but know I can see the output of them according to choices made when creating them (**).

However, what I don't know is how many of these UDP's can I assign to any one device?

I also don't know how to create an alert based on these UDPs or even if I can.

So am I confusing myself and not seeing the wood for the trees or ...?

(**) - if, for sake of argument, I elect to show the results only as a graph is there a way to go back and edit that afterwards as I can't see it?

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Level 14

Don't  know of a limit per device, might be more dependent on the device itself, but there's a limit of 10k per poller:

Optimize polling engines in your Orion Platform deployment

Christopher got you information on alerting, but while I'm here:

Success Center

Most useful - thank you jrouviere

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Level 12

Thank you - very useful.

The max number was more a hypothetical one as I have no plans to mass apply UnDPs but as with most things we are finding out a lot of info about Solarwinds after we deployed it.

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stuartd​ you can create alerts based of UnDP's, when you are alerting on them the object you want to select is "Custom <type> Poler" (See screenshot)


If you select graph during creation you can change it. When you right-click the UnDP there will be an option referring to Web Display. You can also edit it directly on the view as well.

As far as how many you can assign I'm not sure. I do know that best practices would dictate that you only assign the least amount necessary.