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Level 8

Universal Device Poller suddenly stops polling after upgrading to NPM 2020.2

After upgrading to 2020.2 our NPM server stops polling for "Universal Device Poller".
It seems that it is working, but I can see it just polling sporadically (it can takes days between new data).
The timestamp for new data is the same for all Universal Device Pollers on all nodes.

I've restarted services and tried to "poll now", but no new data.

We use this a lot to monitor temerature and UPS status etc. It's critical!

Any suggestions?

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Level 8

The problem is still there!

Messages in que (solarwinds/collector/prosessingqueue/npm.node.undp.snmp) fills up.

Is there any way to speed up the handling for this queue?

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Have you opened a support case on this? If not get one open.

Is the polling rate for the engine(s) exceeded and did you have stacked polling engine licenses prior to upgrade?
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