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Level 7

Universal Device Poller adding information to Historical - Custom Poller Report

I created a new Universal device poller to gather CISCO Serial number information using the OID I am using the Raw Value SNMP Get Table options.

 I see this table information appear on the Node Details page from the Website I would like to add this information to a Historical Custom Poller report. I created the custom report with the correct fields but how do I import the data from the universal device poller?

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Level 17

 I grabbed them a little differently, but to the same result.  I wrote a SQL query that copies from the Custom Poller Status table to my Nodes table in a customproperty field:

SET SerialNumber = s.Status
FROM  CustomPollerAssignment a JOIN CustomPollerStatus s ON a.CustomPollerAssignmentID=s.CustomPollerAssignmentID
    JOIN Nodes n ON a.NodeID=n.NodeID
WHERE a.AssignmentName like 'CiscoSerialNum%' AND s.Status !=''

This implies CiscoSerialNum is the assingment name (name of poller) and SerialNumber is the field name in Nodes table.

This will probably work in your environment, tweaking the two above field names, but as always, before doing any DB tweaking, DO A BACKUP of your DB!!!

Hope this helps.

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