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Universal Device Poller UNDP not polling

Hi, I have 2 servers, on my adittional Poller server the UNDP stop polling or poll with delay, this behavior begin at afternoon or evening but always it fix itself during the early morning, besides I have problems to launch Universal Device Poller application on my additional server, I can not open it, I get and error: "universal device poller stopped working! could you help me with this issue? I am running 12.1 NPM and all days the server run database maintenance automatically at 02:15am. My main Poller engine is ok.
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Hi there, did you get this sorted somehow? I am seeing something similare on my additional engines.



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When i have polling issues.. I'll do a repair of the Job Engine.. I'm not sure if that exactly fixes but to do the repair you stop and restart services which might also be fixing the issue.

Here's the link to the how to..

If you're not comfortable doing this please reach out to Solarwinds Support and they should be help you do it and/or find the actual issue.

I also have seen polling issues when the device you're polling has memory and/or cpu issues as it might be drop SNMP request due to load.

Good luck,


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