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Level 7

Unassign Universal Device Poller from many nodes

In a not so brilliant stroke of genius I assigned about 6 custom pollers that were built to pull statistics from our firewalls to all of my Cisco equipment.  I have other device pollers setup for the Cisco equipment so I don't want to remove all pollers or hide them from view on the Node Details page.  Is there a way for me to "unassign" the pollers from the Cisco devies?

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Level 21

In the Universal Device Poller tool on the system console you can sort your systems by different sets of criteria and bulk add/remove pollers by clicking on check boxes for the different systems.

Hope this helps!

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Level 7

I think I see what you're saying, but it only adds the pollers.  I can't actually remove them.  It looks to me like the only option I have is to go into each node and remove the poller.  It's doable, I was just looking for the easy way out! 🙂

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