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Unable to Execute External Program Alert Action

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I have used the Execute External Program action previously on Win XP and earlier OSs but now have Orion on Win 2003 R2 sp 2 server and although the action appears to work (according to test log) and the command runs fine from CMD box the requested program does not run.

Tried giving Local System account the Allow service to interact with Desktop option and also used an alternative account with full local admin rights.

Still no go

What an I missing?

Has anyone got this running on Win 2003 R2 Sp 2 (or either Win 2008 server or Win 7 - have tried with similar lack of success on these with the eval version)

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Level 12

Thanks for the answers guys.

It turns out that the action was being executed only not in the way I was expecting  it to but at least I can focus on the real problem now

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