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Level 9

UnDP for concurrent voice calls

We are trying graph the concurrent calls we have on our gateways without success.


We can get the OID to poll correctly, however, the graphs are quite unusual.  One of the routers shows 8 concurrent calls 24x7 even when aren't any and another router shows 4.5G calls on a single T1 (getting our money's worth).


Are we hitting a bug or a limitation?

I'm polling as rate, unit 0, no time frame, get next and polling node.


thanks in advance.

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Level 9

bump.  I assume that no one else is monitoring the PRI utilization?

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we're monitoring our 'modemsInUse' on a Cisco5350 using OID with the exact same UDP settings as you have and it works great.

Curious ...if you right click on your Universal Device Poller and select 'assign', then select the router and click on 'Test', do you get correct value returned ?

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It test correctly.  It just graphs all kinds hokey.

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