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Level 12

UnDP Transform won't display in node details view

Hi all,

I'm experiencing difficulty with a stubborn UnDP transform. I have 2 transforms set-up for monitoring F5 mem and CPU. The transform I have for CPU displays fine in the node details page but the mem transform will not display.

 Both are set up identically. (apart from the transform formula, obviously)

I have tested the results of the mem transform and it is correctly working.

I have it set to display gauge and chart on my f5 node details page.

when I 'Edit' the gauge or chart to use the mem transform poller nothing gets displayed.

This transform was working when I set it up over a year ago, it was only recently highlighted to me by another user that it isn't working so I have no idea when exactly it stopped displaying.

Any help welcome.

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Level 12

I've been having this same issue. My original UnDPs worked for about an hour, then stopped. I destroyed the UnDPs, and rebuilt them, and the transform wouldn't work. What I did to get them working was change the original Get Next to Get, and add a dot zero to the OID. This seems to have fixed my transform history.

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Level 9

I've run into a similar problem this evening.  I am listing the capacity of the logical drives on our Promist storage devices.  In the UnDP window on the Orion server, I can see the data.  In the web console, however, they just report "0".  I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're describing.


I swear I've seen this before, but it suddenly started working - so I'm not sure if I was just being dumb or if there really was a problem.  I'm going to let it sit for the weekend and, if it's still goofed up, I'll open a ticket Monday.

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Level 9

For the poller are you trying to transform are you using  a "GET" or a "GET NEXT"?

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For the F5 Mem transform, that won't display in the web GUI I'm using GET NEXT on both  pollers within it. Using "GET" for these pollers is not supported.

The Transform has been tested and is returning the correct results in the UnDP app. But Gauges won't appaer for it in the website and charts never show any result.

The F5 CPU Transform that is working is using GET NEXT for both it's pollers also. I can use gauges and/or charts for this transform.

I just want to reiterate that this F5 Mem transform was working when I first created it. I'm not sure exactly when it stopped but I know for certain it was working.

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