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UnDP Timestamp Incorrect

Hi all.

Recently, the timezone for some of our servers were changed and Solarwinds (and the SQL server) were included. Since the change, our UnDPs seem to be displaying an incorrect time (an hour ahead) on the dashboards, but are correct in the UnDP tool on the server. Can anyone help please? I've been investigating for 2.5 hours and can't figure out the cause.


Incorrect time:


Correct time:



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Do the timezones of the polling engine and the SQL server match?
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Here's a couple success center links that detail some of this issue out (if it is the time zone mismatch). Also... were any services restarted after the timezones changes? They may not have taken effect yet if they do / should match now.
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The timezones on the Orion server and SQL do match and services were restarted, but the times on the UnDP are still mismatched.

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