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UPS monitoring

Hi Team,

We are planning to onboard and monitor the UPS SNMP traps and power outages. I tried SNMP version1 and SNMP verison2 with string "public" but Solarwinds is not accepting them.

in UPS configured the Solarwinds server IP address and port 161 & 162. Can someone help on this.

Thanks in advance


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Which UPS product are you using?

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We are using Liebert UPS and currently the devices are on boarded via SNMP and trying to generate reports. Can you please help on this

--> power failure

--> temp

--> input/out voltage

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Did you ever get this setup for your Liebert UPSs?

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I just configured up some SNMP pollers for my UPS's and I found this resource really handy.


But obviously Solarwinds needs SNMP access to the UPS.