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Level 9

UPS alerts when power is lost

any one managed to setup an alert or display when a UPS switches to battery?

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Level 9

thanks for the help guys. i finally managed to get it to work

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Level 12

Here is what I have done.  We have the Emerson (Liebert) UPSs.  I have a UnDP polling 2 items :

1. upsSecondsOnBattery
2. upsEstimatedChargeRemaining

If #1 > 0 then send an alert that the UPS went to battery.  If #2 < 25% (battery) send an alert that the UPS battery is almost out of power.

Once power is restored the I'll get reset alerts.


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Level 9

Also, check out the Content Exchange. There are numerous pre-made pollers available for APC, Emerson, and TrippLite UPS systems that you might be able to use.

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Level 15

Did you setup a Universal Device Poller that reports you when your UPS power is lost?

If not, setup one. I do not know which OID would be the most relevant. Run a MIB walk on your UPS private mib and you should find which OIDs are available.

Once done follow the below post to create your alert:

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