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Trying to use pagegate with NPM

I have it setup for the most part but now I need to have the alerts sent to a different group depending on who the device belongs to. I have the different groups setup in pagegate but cannot get the sendpage32.exe file to send anything other than static information. it will not read the variables in the line with the execute external program trigger. Anyone ever done this before?

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PageGate should actually integrate into SW and use the Advanced Alert manager to send pages out using the option to Send Page/SMS via Notepage that should show up once in the alert manager once integrated.

The Get Ascii module of the program should dip and read the alert log off the polling directory which is where you need to point it to function and process each alert that comes in and create a temp file I believe that the Scheduler will grab and send out one of your connectors that you have registered to a cell network.

Check this site out for some integration help.

This should get you going.  Let me know if you need anymore help and I will try and help where I can, or point you to Aaron if you have the option of engaging a contract vendor.

I can give you the contact information for Aaron Osgood, and you can engage him for support if you need it. He works as a vendor of Notepage, but is one of the primary developers that built this system with Notepage.

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This would work but I have Solarwinds on a VM and the multitech modem we have does not work on a VM.  I have pagegate on a physical box here at my desk and NPM is on a virtual server in the data center downstairs.

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Ya..  I see the issue since you have no USB/Serial ports to connect the modem on when you use a VM..  Interesting situation.  Let me think about this one for a few..  In the meantime I would reach out to Aaron Osgood.  He is excellent with the product and may have a solution for you since he deploys this product all the time as opposed to my 1 time in my scenario which doesn't match yours.

Or he should be able to help you make sure the sendpage.exe is grabbing proper variables, and executing properly through the modem on your desk.

Aaron D. Osgood

Streamline Solutions, LLC

Authorized Notepage, Inc. Re-seller and Development Partner

Falmouth, ME

TEL: 207-781-5561

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i appreciate that. one last thing. I have one of my alerts created but for the life of me cannot find where to assign it to a device. Any help with that is appreciated.

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If it's an advanced alert then it would be condition based.  So you wouldn't assign it a specific device, but you would create conditions that match fields or properties, and then add a condition of what to alert upon, so the alert can cover 1 device or a group of devices.

IE.  This is one of my alerts using simple conditions and Alerting on the Property: APM: Aplication

Trigger Alert when all of the following apply

     Application Name is equal to Aviall LDAP Monitor

     Component Status is equal to Down

Basic alerts you pick the nodes, interfaces, and volumes you want 1 by 1 as you create the action alert.  I would stay away from these and use advanced alerts only.  Paired with custom properties you can assign to nodes, interfaces, volumes advanced alerts are extremely flexible in what you can design.    

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are you able to monitor services running on a server through npm and restart those services if they stop?

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You can't monitor services with NPM.  That would be with SAM.  But yes once you monitor them you can build an alert that executes a function/script that can restart services or bounce them.  You can search the site for information on this.  I know there are plenty of threads out there that discuss this and give examples from people who use this in their environments, or someone can chime in with a few links to some if they have them bookmarked.

We don't use this since we have teams that these alerts report to, and it's there job to respond and check the systems against these alerts and action them as needed.

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