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Trying to create Multiple poller graph with meaningful poll labels

I have built a unDP of the Palo Alto Active Sessions OID of

The data comes in a single row and each entry has a unique meaning (ex. %ofMax sessions, Max Sessions, ActiveTCP, ActiveUDP, ActiveICMP, etc)

I don't see where I can apply unique labels for each entry, as it only provides an entry for the Table as a whole.

After the poller is build and assigned to a node, I am able to get the data streams from the entire table, however, I do not know how to uniquely label each data stream with its appropriate label.  Am I doing this right or are there some quick fixes to get this cleaned up?  Thanks, Scott

poller summary chart.jpg

poller chart edit screen.jpg

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do I understeand it correctly that you have created only one UnDP for whole panSession?

I would suggest to create more UnDPs.

- One for panSessionUtilization (

- Another for panSessionMax.

- And so on...

(Make sure that you have Yse for "Keep Historical Data", so you can use these UnDPs for graph)

Once you will have pollers you can use "Universal Device Poller Custom Chart" on Node Datails - Network view.

- Click on "Configure this resource" link (or Edit button if you already configured it)

- In Left Y-Axis section you may add more UnDPs. Just click "Add More" button.

This way you should have polled values also with correct legend.



I think that pretty much does most of what I was looking for.  I did have to rename my pollers to show meaningful names on the graph.  Which I could just associate a different label for the poller in the custom graph.  But this works well enough.

Custom UnDP Active Sessions Chart.jpg

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