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Has anyone had any luck with a Custom MIB for a TrippLite UPS? I have 3 of these, same models, in a smaller datacenter at a site. I have traps and alerts set fine, but I'd like to be able to monitor Input and Output Voltage, Battery Charge, UPS Status, and Current Load. I walked the device, and received several responses with the info I need, but Solarwinds doesn't seem to get a response. I've tried writing the MIB, as I've done with several other devices, but my attempts seem to have failed.

If anyone has suggesstions (or would like to post a CustomMIBPoller) I would be greatful.

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I realize this is an old post.

We have several TrippLite UPSs and are using these pollers. (Thanks  grantsewell !)   I've also found and added the following poller but it doesn't seem to be supported (OID not supported) by all TrippLites which has me stumped. I'm not sure if it is firmware version related or not. I'm curious if anyone else is using this OID successfully?  If not, how you are determining UPS on/off battery status?  I've searched through the TrippLite private MIB and haven't been able to find an OID that supports on/off battery status either.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


If the unit is on battery power , the elapsed time

since the UPS last switched to battery power , or the

time since the network management subsystem was last

restarted , whichever is less. Zero shall be returned

if the unit is not on battery power.

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I am monitoring some TrippLite UPS with a custom poller, but I am only monitoring the percent charge remaining.  I am using the OID

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Thanks! Actually, that worked great. I was able to add pollers for everything I needed except for the Output Load. I'll keep searching for that one - I didn't even think to use the generic pollers. Definetely something to try if I have trouble in the future.

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Glad to hear it.

I use that same OID to monitor Powerware as well.

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I did end up finding the Output Load MIB. If it helps anyone else, I've uploaded my custom MIB to the CSZ.

TrippLite UPS Systems

Thanks again for all the help.

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