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Traps not Show in Alerts&Activity (Updated Content)

Hi there,

           I tried to setup trap viewer in solarwinds server. Before I followed the solarwind snmp service installation video on windows server, trap already works by checking each node summary on orion console(unless polling is not ran by snmp), but when I clicked alerts&activity -> traps, I don't see any info. After I configured the snmp service, I cannot sync all the traps to the viewer. I only receive one node which was already in trap viewer before configuration. I'm using SNMPv2, and NCM 7.9 & NPM 12.4. I realized that at the bottom left corner of trap viewer indicates solariwinds on a sql server. Does it mean SQL server not setting up right? Or firewall? BTW, I have no problem to receive all syslogs from all nodes on syslog viewer, no problem to test community string credential under node property by using UDP port 161 (not 162, weird). Thank you!!

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I am confused, have you set the trap destination to solarwinds orion ip address on your end device ? If you can see traps from one device on Orion then i don't see an issue with Orion.

1. To start with please verify if port 162 is open between your end device and Orion

2. Verify if trap destination is set to Orion IP on your end device which needs to send a trap.​ You were right. I found out the end devices weren't even set orion as trap destination. After I enabled it on one of the devices for testing, I received an error message that indicated my radius server not authenticate the traps. Do you know how to fix it? BTW, the only device I can see traps now is using port 161 which I'm confused that orion only allowed port 162 for traps. When I changed the port number to 162 under that device properties, it failed to testing the credential. 

Traps are outbound messages from the node to a trap server, that normally always happens on port 162.  This is really totally unrelated to the snmp requests that happen on port 161.  Its more similar to syslog messages on port 514.  You shouldn't have anything to do with radius also, traps are not authenticated anywhere.  They contain a community string but even that is informational only and are mostly just used to sort message sources on the receiving system.  There is no setup in solarwinds that you need to do for traps, if the device sends a trap to the Orion server and it doesn't get blocked along the way it will just show up in orion.

- Marc Netterfield, Github

mesverrum​ Thank you for the answer, it does make sense. I opened a ticket with solarwinds support in the meantime. I will post the final answer here.

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Level 11

Are you getting any error in the trap viewer page?

sreenathmp​ No, no error messages, please see the message I replied to Vinay. Please let me know if you know the solution. Thank you.

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