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Trap receiving for unmanaged node


I am using NPM10.4.2.

I wanto to get trap from unmanaged(stop polling by unmaging utility, GUI) node on orion and want to execute action,

But, trap service does not receive trap from unmanaged nodes.

Is there any way to receive trap from unmanaged nodes.??

Best regards,


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Level 13

There is a difference between nodes that are not managed by Orion and those that are but are in an unmanaged status.

Nodes managed by Orion but in the unmanaged status will throw away their traps (and syslogs).  In the traps service log file you would see a warning level message like:

Trap has been received from device that is unmanaged in Orion. The trap message has been ignored.

There is currently no ability to override this behavior.



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Level 16

The trap receiver does accept traps from unmanaged nodes -- the nodeid is set to 0 (zero)

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That is correct. This feature was introduced in 10.0. There is no present way to enable the previous behavior.

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