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Level 12

Transmit and Receive Utilization Dynamic Thresholds Minimum and Maximum?

Have looked a bit and haven't found information on this yet. I can't imagine I am the only one wanting this kind of alert. In the screenshot below you can see the Interface Utilization has warning and Critical Values and the drop down shows Greater than and Less Than.
Anyone know of a way to have two separate Warning and Critical Thresholds based on a low value and a high value?

I can see the Baseline Statistics with standard deviations for greater than and less than for all hours here:

Is this a feature in a newer version than my current NPM?

I haven't been able to find these values in the DB or SWQL. I am guessing they may be calculated on the fly and never stored in the DB. I could figure ways to create alerts based on custom properties if I could grab those values with a query.

Anyone have some magic customization that makes this manageable and not a manual task per interface?

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Level 13

jeilers You have a good question. But before I dive into the question, could you tell me a bit more about the second pic in your post? I am unfamiliar with Latest Baseline Statistics applet. Is that a native Orion applet? Did you write it yourself? I'd just like to understand the method of acquiring that data, and what the data represents. (I know what a StDev is, am wondering which set of data the StDev is calculated from.)

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That I got from Orion. (I'm not cool enough to write that on my own yet lol). To see where I found that I went into an interface in Orion I wanted this on. Clicked on Edit Interface then scrolled to the bottom of the screen where Alerting Thresholds is: I highlighted the checkbox you have to check to see the Area highlighted in yellow in the bottom right hand corner click on the link "Latest Baseline Details" and you should see the pop up in the middle of the screen:


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