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Level 12

Top xx nodes uptime list

Hi all,

Had a search through the forums for this, couldn't find what I was hoping to find so...

What I'd like to be able to do/have is a top xx list of nodes sorted by the greatest uptime (perhaps also have this hit a warning threshold after xx days dependant on server OS as well, but that's just an afterthought atm).

Something I guess along the lines of the below image .. excuse the crappy mspaint rehash

I've reviewed the various options available & I know I can see 'last boot' time on the node details, but it would be useful to see this, at a glance. I have an alert in place which tells me when servers are up for over xx days (which is great) a dashboard view of this would be great too.

If anyone has implemented something like this I'd be really interested in knowing what you did. If this is a feature that's already available in Solarwinds, then if someone could just point me to the relevant area, again, I'd be really interested in learning more


Thanks in advance fellow Thwackers.


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Level 12

Back again & solved this (to a degree) simply by using a custom report in a web element.. don't know why I hadn't thought of that before Certainly couldn't get SWQL to work ...

End result looks like this


Report looks like this


Might be useful if not solely for bragging rights!

Nice one, Cheers.

I can certainly think of one situation where this would have been very handy, I used to work some where that monitored 200 or so Draytek routers and after 500 hours of uptime they would develop routing problems. So being able to see which devices had been up for 500 hours in a daily report would have been very handy.

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