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Top CPUs By Percent Load - graph vs. bar


just noticed something.

I have a VM with 4vCPUs. On the node details page, I have the 'Top CPUs by Percent Load' graph directly above the 'CPUs by Percent Load' bar chart.

On the graph, only two of my CPUs show up. I'm not sure if it's because of some problem, or if because CPUs with zero utilization don't show up .

Attached please find screencap.

Anyone else see this in your environment?


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Hello rharland2012,

Have you updated limitation of visible data series? If no, then create support ticket and post number here.

Thank you TP

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Tomas, I'm having the same issue, though it's only for a couple servers - a CentOS 6.5 and a Ubuntu 13.10.  I have other RHEL/CentOS and Windows servers where all CPUs are reported.  I'm on NPM 10.5.

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Bbagent, If you are on active maintenance, please raise a support ticket with us to look into. Thanks

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I figured it out.  I unchecked CPUs, re-discovered and re-polled, then checked CPUs again, then re-discovered and re-polled.  Within about 2 or 3 minutes, all of the CPUs showed up.

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