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Top 10 report by site widget

I've created a basic report that gives me the Top 10 Interfaces by Percent Utilization to a specific site.

My question is, how do I get this information displayed as a widget on the summary page for that site?

I can get the top 10 for all sites to display but it doesn't give me an option to edit......although when I go to ​Network ---> Network Top 10 I'm able to edit, but I want it on the site's page


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Level 16

You can use the resource Top XX interfaces by Percent Utilization and then filter by your site.

Use node filters - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

I've done that in the report builder, but how do I get that to display on my site's page? When I try to add the widget, it's just not in the list. But when I go back in via reports, it is there.

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You should use a resource View widget as referenced above.

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I'm struggling with this (bear with me, I am new to Solarwinds)

So I've filtered a Top XX Report for my site:


Which returns what I need it to:


But I am really struggling to get it displayed on my Site page which currently has the Top XX for the whole organisation as seen below:


many thanks!!

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There are 2 types of the "Top YY Interfaces by Percent Utilization" widget.

The ones with a set number of interfaces 10, 25 etc. and the XX one.

You can't edit those with a set number but if you add the Top XX one it's possible to edit the number of interfaces and you can also filter that on custom properties etc.

When adding the Top XX you should have an Edit link in the top right corner of the widget

From that Edit link you can set the number of interfaces and the filter...

I'm filtering by Company but it can be done for all Custom Properties.

Top xx interfaces.png

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