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Level 7

Times listed under Polling Details Appear to be ~ 5 hrs Behind the Current Time

When I look at the Polling details for a device, the Next Poll and Next Discovery times are ~ 5 hrs behind the current time. 

We recently setup our SolarWinds test environment.  It consists of 2 servers- (1) Orion Polling server and (1) SQL server, both of which are showing the correct time.  The SolarWinds Home/Summary page shows the correct time for both the page and for the events listed.

Is there a global timezone setting for polling details?


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Hi @lamcbride,

The times are listed in UTC.  If you're using SWQL Studio to view the data you can use "TOLOCAL()" to convert the time to your local time zone.

Functions listed here:


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@Martin_Crothers  I am on Chicago time (CDT) so UTC time is actually 5 hrs ahead of us.  The time listed under Polling Details is 5 hrs behind.  Other times listed on the same page (Node Details), including the time shown in the upper right corner as well as times shown in other widgets on that page are all correct. I also brought up the Orion console while logged into the Orion web server and there was no change.

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Level 8


With this issue, are you able to wach recent data? Like CPU and MEM from last hour?

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Yes, I can see current performance data.  I selected my device which opened Node Details, and then I opened Performance Analyzer which shows current memory + cpu data (among other things) for my device.

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