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Thwack link broke in NPM

Does anyone know how to correct the following issue! Twack is set up as a link on the APM page which should list top ten post for the plugin. The link exist but there is no data and the following error appears.


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Unable to contact Thwack server.


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Product Manager
Product Manager

Do you have to use a proxy to get to the web from  the Orion server?

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If you are using a web proxy, you can  do the following:

In the web.config file in the root of the website, there is an <appSettings> section.

You'll want to add the following params to the section, like so:

     <add key="proxyAvailable" value="true" />
     <add key="userName" value="username" />
     <add key="password" value="password " />
     <add key="proxyAddress" value="IP of the proxy server" />
     <add key="proxyPort" value="port of the proxy server" />

(Make sure not to remove the other parts the appSettings section)

If you are not using a proxy, not sure why you are getting this error.  Can you open thwack from a browser locally on the Orion server?  

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worked great for me. now seeing the updates. thanks

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No we are not using a proxy to get to the internet.

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having this problem as well and yes i'm using a proxy server to access the internet, any suggestions?

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