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Level 17

The secret lives of web-based reports

Since the release of web-based reports in 10.6, we've definitely heard from the community the desire to be able to share reports as can be done with Report Writer. That goes to show the involvedness of the Thwack community, and/or the desire to rack up buku Thwack points.

In lieu of Import / Export functionality available through the UI (yet), we've put together a few quick steps on how to share reports:


  1. Open Database manager or SQL management studio
  2. Connect to Orion server
  3. Select report which you need to export for example: SELECT definition FROM [dbo].[ReportDefinitions] where reportid=129
  4. Copy text from "definition" column to clipboard(ctrl-C) and save it as .xml file. Use UTF-8 encoding when you are saving it! (save as Encoding: UTF-8)


  1. Open URL http://your-Orion-SERVER/Orion/Reports/import.aspx
  2. Select file.
  3. Click import.

Note: Did we mention don't skip the UTF-8 encoding?

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Level 12


There might be another problem also.

SQL management studio don't print the whole XML-statement in the newer versions of SSMS. (see

The work around is to change the above query (where 201 in this case was my report id):

select Definition from ReportDefinitions r where r.ReportID=201


select (select Definition from ReportDefinitions r where r.ReportID=201) AS [processing-instruction(x)] FOR XML PATH('')

Click on the XML-link to see all xml-code and cut and paste all the code you get to notepad.

Now, you have to take away the first "<?x " and the last "?>" for the xml to be valid.

As of the rest, do as above instructed.

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Level 7

This is very helpful. Thanks! I was wondering if there is way to convert this xml file into SQL or something similar.

Essentially I am trying to identify which tables and columns are getting pulled when I run reports created via Web Based Report.


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Level 12

It should be noted that depending on the complexity of your report, the clipboard my truncate it.  To get around that, simply save the results from SQL to a text file, then rename that file back to XML, with the proper encoding.

Level 14

I am just glad that there is a way to do this, workaround or not

Level 10

Consolidating multiple small servers to a new server next week and was asked to recreate some of the reports on the new environment. Report writer reports? Backed up and ready to move! Web-based reports? OUCH!!! Open SQL? Run a Query? Copy and paste from a column to a text file? Rinse & Repeat for all web reports? Painful...but I can get it done. Wish the export feature had been added earlier. Would have made everything a bit easier.

-- EDIT: Humm... so looks like it may be on the 10.7 version (save to disk?)...did not plan on upgrading to the new version on the old servers...but....


Level 12

I'm not even going to try to hide my ignorance here! What is meant by "sharing" a report in this context? And, how is it already possible in Report Writer? I think I missed something here. Thanks.

Level 20

@patriot Simply the old Network Atlas allowed you to export and import reports so you could share them.  This is not implemented in the new Web based reports yet so you have to do a work around.

Level 17

Not at all- keeping up with all of our features is a full-time job. In the old Report Writer you could save a report definition and send it to someone else. That person could then open the report definition and run it in their environment. See NODES_Currently_Down_with_Duration_.OrionReport for an example.

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Level 12

Rob, are you taking about the Report Scheduler?

Level 17

Two different aspects:

Report Definition - Meta data defining layout and dataset you could save as a file and share on thwack

Report output - Scheduled report that would be emailed to stakeholder on a recurring basis.

Level 8

Is there any time-scale on an official import/export method being put in place? This method is fine at the moment but I'm curious as to when we may see a more permanent and end-user friendly version.

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Level 17

Unfortunately our legal team is very prickly about communicating time frames. I can confirm it's not made an appearance in the 10.7 beta.

Level 14


Maybe the kind folks watching this post can help me on a related issue:

Web-reporting in 10.6 - Unexpected Website Error

Thoughts and ideas?


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Level 13

Awesome.  I needed just this.  Thanks for sharing!

Sohail Bhamani

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Level 17

Rockin!  thanks all

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