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The "Select Variable to Insert" hangs saying "Loading"

When creating an alert, and specifically when I am trying to select a variable to include in the description or an action, the form hangs with a "Loading" message. 

In the "Show Variables For:" drop down menu I can select Global or Alert and the variables show up just fine. If I select the other value (that is specific on what I am monitoring) then it hands with a "Loading..." message. 


I know I have had this problem in general last year. But now it appears to only be a problem for the Transactions variables. Anyone seen this?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

I'd open a support case, but I think I remember that I could resolve that issue by doing an IIS Reset on the server.  It may have just been a coincidence in my situation, but restarting the web services is pretty safe.  Just be aware that you'll lose access to the Orion web console until the services start back up.

It would also be helpful to know what versions you are running of the software.

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Thanks for the suggestion but IISReset did not work. 

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