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Temperature Alert

Can I setup an alert in NPM that will alert me when the server temperature reaches a certain threshold? Or is this a feature in SAM?

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Level 17

It is an out of the box feature in SAM

Do you know if that means that it is not available to setup an alert for this in NPM?

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It's not that it's not available, but as Hardware Health requires SAM, there's a bit more work to do.  First, you'd have to create a custom UnDP poller to collect the server temperature on the server.  You can use the SNMPWalk.exe tool in the Orion install directory to find the appropriate OID.  Once you have it created, you'd then have to create an alert to fire off of that value.  So while it is possible, there's a bit more work involved into getting that set up.

So the custom poller is setup.  I can see the temp in the detail page.  How do i setup an alert to look at that custom poller?

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Create an Advanced Alert, on Trigger Condition set the property to monitor as Custom Node Poller.  Add a couple of Simple Condition specifying the name of the poller and the value you wish to have as the threshold.  For the second condition make sure you use the Numerical Status option if you setup the poller as Raw Data.  Otherwise, if it's a counter, use Total, and if it's rate, use Rate.