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I am using T-Metro 7224 switches from Telco Systems on my fiber network infrastructure, the problem is that I am not getting the CPU, memory, voltage, temperature and power levels information from these devices.

  • SNMP is working fine but is not getting CPU, memory, voltage, temperature and power levels information
  • I am using NPM  version 12.3
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Telco Systems only have one MIB and I can't see any CPU, memory or system specifics in there. Here's break down of the Telco Systems: EDGELINK-MIB   (SMIv1) - - Vendor MIBs

So if the metrics you are after ar avaiable from SNMP, then they'll be in the standard system MIBs.

Can you do a smpwalk of the device?

If so can you see anything beginning with . (hrProcessor) or . (hrDiskStorage)?

More info on the HR System MIB - Net-SNMP

In fact have you checked the Thwack NPM Poller content page? - Network Performance Monitor

Someone might have done some of the hard work for you already.

Hope it helps,


Hi Rich,

Thanks for your update and references you provided, I actual have MIBs for Telco switches but I can't upload them to my solarwinds NPM DB. Solarwinds support have advised on their site I send them the MIBS so that they can include it in the solarwinds MIB.cfg file.  Upload MIB in Orion Universal Device Poller - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support . I have found a similar concern here How do I import a vendor provided MIB into orion

Thank you all;


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