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Syslogs in NPM 12.5

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I've just started using NPM 12.5 and I've noticed that Syslog Viewer on the server is no longer available the way it was on the server.

How do I now forward a syslog message in an email? I can set an alert to trigger on a particular syslog but I can't see how to include the actual syslog in that email. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I also don't seem to have the export button. I am an admin, does anyone know how to make it appear?



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If I'm understanding you correctly, this macro should include the syslog message in the alert body for you:


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Last year, I posted some SQL codes for alerting on Syslog messages, and including the actual syslog message in the alert e-mail. This is the code I used, in case it is of any use to you:

${SQL: SELECT Top 1 Message FROM Syslog WHERE (PATINDEX ('%service recommended%',Message) > 0) AND NodeID=${Nodeid}} 

I like jrouviere's solution "${N=OLM.AlertingMacros;M=OLMAlertMessage.EventMessage}" I will have to see if that works better for my uses too. If you are interested in the post I put up last year, find it at:


Now the only things that are missing is the syslog widget being added to the applicable node screen and being able to receive all syslogs. I have one device that will send 4 syslogs per minute but yet I will only get one of these using this new setup. So far the new setup doesn't work as before.

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wesleykparker​ provided the following SQL code (in another thread) to replace the syslog widget. Thought it would be good to have here as well.

SELECT TOP 100 -- Edit this number for how many messages you want to load to widget (you can modify the widget for how many messages to page)

let.Name AS [Message Type]

,Level AS [Severity]

,TOLOCAL(DateTime) AS [Log Time]

,SUBSTRING(Message,1,100) AS Message -- Edit the last number for how many characters of the message you want to see

,CONCAT('YOURORIONURLHERE','/ui/orionlog/logviewer/now/1hours/',${NodeID},'/syslog') AS _linkfor_Message --Replace YOURORIONURLHERE with the address ex:  ''

FROM Orion.OLM.LogEntry le

JOIN Orion.OLM.LogEntryType let ON le.LogEntryTypeID = let.LogEntryTypeID

WHERE NodeID = '${NodeID}'

--AND le.Message LIKE '%${SEARCH_STRING}%' -- Remove The -- From beginning for the "Search SWQL Query" Box


Anyone got any ideas?

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If I'm understanding you correctly, this macro should include the syslog message in the alert body for you:


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Can I truncate the message to show just a part of the message? Something like varBinds ${vbData3} ?

Not that I'm aware of. Everywhere I've seen the event messages (such as in the OLM.LogEntry table) they are stored entirely in one field.

I don't know of another mechanism that would parse the message for you in the alert.

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You are a legend!! That's exactly what I needed. I still can't see it though on "insert variable" but either way it works. Thanks for the reply.

I forget exactly how I found it, but the networking guys wanted to see the actual message so we've been using it for a little while, glad it worked!

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That is not look like the old Syslog Viewer...

Are you enable the LA o the nodes


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Yup I've enabled LA on the nodes.

I get all the syslogs appearing in Log Viewer. My issue is, how can I forward one of those syslogs to an email address?

Yes I've set up the alert to send me an email but how do I attach the actual syslog message to my email? This was soooo simple to do in the Syslog Viewer application on the server. Now it looks like it can't be done.


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