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Syslog Viewer?!

Hi all,

Did Solarwinds do away with the syslog viewer? I don't see it on the server after upgrading the platform to 2020.2 and we can't see any syslog messages on our nodes anymore! We basically lost all syslog functionality after this upgrade!

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I checked and mine is gone as well. The syslogs are still being written to the database though but can't use any rules.

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If you migrated to Log Analyzer, you should see it there, but I don't think that was forced.

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Isn't Log Viewer an additional product you would have to buy or is it part of NPM? We didn't migrate to Log Analyzer we just upgraded our platform. I don't see any option where we can configure Log analyzer or syslog.

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LV (Log Viewer) is the replacement of syslog / trap viewer. If you upgrade there’s no choice (I think... do correct me if I’m wrong here) now other than to not upgrade. LA (Log Analyzer) is the paid version with additional features

It’s not obvious but is documented in the release notes and upgrade procedures (not exactly sure where) but it is there.

One of the reasons it’s good to thoroughly read the release notes and documentation for every version prior to upgrading. Admittedly you’re not the only one surprised by this. It could have been better documented by SolarWinds. 😁

I see, I found a document that explains how to uninstall Log Analyzer and restore the Legacy Syslog, I guess I'll check that out. If we're stuck purchasing LA though at some point, how can I build a widget that shows me the log information for each node in their node details page? I found some threads showing custom queries but none of them worked for me, unfortunately. Does anyone have something that worked for them?

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