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Switching from ICMP to SNMP polling and vice versa without having to remove the node

Currently the only way to change node polling from ICMP to SNMP polling or from SNMP to ICMP polling is to remove the node and re-add it.  Doing this we lose all historical data.  Can we have a way to switch them without having to remove the node?

Often a device is setup but SNMP is not or new product release provide reason to know poll SNMP.  On the contrary, sometimes a device will be polled SNMP and we no longer feel it is necessary to do so or it is no longer supported such as switching from WAP to LWAP...

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Yes. We found that patch last week. There is also an option in the ACS configuration that turns off the Security Agent and allows full access. But, that also opens the unit up to vulnerabilities.

As far as using only SNMP, and not ICMP to monitor the node status in Solarwinds, the response I got back from Solarwinds is that this is not an option.

However, if you use a TCP PING utility, you could get a response back from a done that doesn't respond to ICMP requests. This would be a nice option in Solarwinds as an option.



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I also have this problem that I want to use only SNMP and not ICMP on some nodes and would be really grateful if there is someone who knows how to do that. The nodes that I don't want ICMP on are taking up all the Top XX Response Time and Packet Loss lists and I don't want them to do that.

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1) Our network has many nodes that have been added to the monitoring system using both the WAN (/30) and Network (/24) addresses.

SNMP monitoring is currently done (discovery default) on both, but this is essentially storing redundant interface data that results in addition alerts and alarms.

I would like to simple remove SNMP from the Network address but this doesn't appear to be easy.


2) I also have a few cases where SNMP is no longer accessible for some devices because of firewall and/or other hardware changes. Attempting to remove the monitored interfaces from the node that is now only IMCP accessible results in the following error ('Node' is currently down, unreachable, or public is not a valid SNMP community string).

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What is it exactly you need to know? We just need to be able to change a node from icmp to snmp or the other way around. In my case I had a router delivered by an ISP which could not be managed with snmp. I replaced the router with my own which I set up for snmp.

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That's an example of moving from ICMP to SNMP.  We're trying to find examples of moving SNMP to ICMP.  When we design, we need to understand use cases.  The latter case isn't obvious.

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We also have a need to convert from SNMP to ICMP...

We are a retailer with approx 500 stores and have 2 different ISP providers supporting these stores.  One of our ISP providers allows us to have snmp read-only access and the other carrier does not.  We have converted about 100 stores from one carrier which we used SNMP to another carrier which we can only use ICMP.  We don't want to lose the historical data by re-adding the nodes.

We have one-off conversions like this as well and would like to easily be able to go back and forth.

Like Mr Ggibbons scenario... We have to convert depending on what's available to us.



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That's an example of moving from ICMP to SNMP.  We're trying to find examples of moving SNMP to ICMP.  When we design, we need to understand use cases.  The latter case isn't obvious.

We have a Hitachi SAN that was added as an SNMP device.  Unfortunately the SNMP implementation on that device seems bugged in such a way that the sysUpTime is always presented as 0.  Since we really aren't getting any useful SNMP data off the system I would like to move it to ICMP only without loosing the historical response time and availability data.  Currently I don't see a way to do this.

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Another case for SNMP to ICMP that we have run into: one of our vendors does not support bulk get requests. We are seeing issues with their hardware and want to rule out that the bulk get isn't causing the issue. We don't want to lose all the historical data we have compiled for the device, but need to migrate to ICMP-only for a period of time to rule out the possibility.

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Ok, here's my example - something I'm up against today.

We just outsourced to a networking company and they are taking over all the SNMP monitoring.  We want to keep an eye on them so, although we can't monitor SNMP anymore (contract) we still want to know if the node is up or down.

As mentionned in a post from May, we use to be able to add a node even if it already existed and we could then choose ICMP (or any of the SNMP versions) and it would add (or in this case remove) the SNMP of the node.


I hope this solution comes back (or another work around, other than delete, re-add)



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One reason to go from SNMP to ICMP is if the machine has multiple nics and IP's.  We have a few ESX servers with multiple nics.  1 being the main nic and the other is an ILO (Integrated Lights Out) nic.  They were initially added with SNMP on both.  I would like to be able to do ICMP on the ILO ones only.  If we are using SNMP on these, my report for VMs is doubled as it states the same servers being hosted on each Node when infact it is the same Node differnet IP's/nics.  I would like to reduce this but not lose the up/down history for the nics and IP's.

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