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Switch Interface monitoring

Normally if a switch interface is not being used I set it to "admin down" status.  But with the desktop environments you can't do this.  This creates a constant flux of up and down alerts.  I wouldn't normally monitor desktop ports but I need to know of "john smith" is sucking down half the internet from his desk.  Therefore the monitor has to be in place.  My current SQL filter reads:


Interfaces Status = 2


I would like to add an additional filter that looks at the "ALIAS" field and displays ONLY the interfaces that have the alias filed populated. 

something like  Interfrraces Status = 2;  InterfaceAlias = IS NOT NULL

 this doesn't work, but it's as close to an "intelligent guess" as I can get. 


If I get this to work this does two things for me.  1) it forces anyone plugging things into my core switch to tell me what they are plugging into it (if it doesn't have a description on the port description it isn't displayed on the Orion page) and 2) I don't have to see a crap load of down interfaces that mean nothing.


Sincere thanks,


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