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Level 7

Supression of Advanced alerts

 We want to have an alert ONLY trigger between the hours of 5 PM and 8AM the next day (basically only trigger outside of normal hours). I don't see a way that works in the Alert and I am thinking I will need to setup 3 different alerts for this (using time conditions for each): one for th Midnight to 8 AM Mon-Fri, one for 5pm to Midnight Mon-Fri and one for Saturday and Sunday. I'd LIKE to do it with one alert and not three... is there anyway of scripting that into the suppression field (like suppress this alert if it is Mon and between 8am and 5pm)?


Thanks for any help!!!! 

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Level 17

 You should be able to do this one one alert assuming you want the same hours for Sat/Sun-

Have you tried 5pm to 8am in the time of day tab? I'm not aware of any variable modifiers that would offer multiple suppression time frames for a single alert.

time of day tab ex:

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well that is wierd. When I did it that way before (5pm to 8 AM in the time conditions) it gave me an error... Iassumed that it was spanning days with the time. It took it this time and I'll see how well it works.

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