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Level 16

Support over the weekend is an absolute must!

Support over the weekend is an absolute must!  

I can't push my replacement of IBM Tivoli any further with my company when there is no support over Saturday and Sunday. 

Companies that are 24/7/365 like us MUST have access to support 24/7/365.

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Level 16

I just had awesome support from Joe Hanly.  He sent me step by step instructions on how to take care of a server migration and even brought up some possible issues along the way.


He was great!!


My issue with Solarwinds support is just that we NEED weekend support, and maybe faster support for urgent issues.  I understand the staffing issues, my company is staffed 24/7/365 in the NOC.  There is a cost factor.  We would pay for this but if it's too excessive I loose some of my ROI.

Good support....  I just want more  🙂

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Level 9

Lets see my most recent ticket which was open for 11+ weeks for a bug that was previously encountered. Yes thats a 11 week disruption to production services. Lets see.. 11 weeks.. thats 22 weekend days.. Does that mean they might have found the bug they had previously identified in 8 weeks? 😃

More support coverage does not make up for poor support.

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I wouldnt say poor overall support... Just a lot of "Tier1"s that make life harder...

I think support needs better communication with the team and the customer.

There are exceptions of course... I have had one specific person from support I have almost always had a lot of troubles with and my mood goes down when I just see he took over a ticket of mine and there is another one that gives me exactly the answers I want and tickets are closed fast.

But I think that would be more of an internal thing for SW to sort out, the 24x7 support I am sure will be discussed by them as well and if profitable will be introduced in just time. The problem is that not all customers would want to pay for 24x7 support.

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Level 13

Hi Napoleon--

I've let Support and PM know about your post; they will get back to you.


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maybe an optional upgrade package for 24x7 support would be possible... adding the cost to the yearly maintenance (so there would be 2 maintenance plans, standard and extended (not premium, that makes it sound as others are getting crappy support) )


EDIT: whoops, the_toilet beat me to it 😛

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For myself, keeping maintenance costs down is important. Our medical school is more of a 8-5 Monday till Friday place.

So 2 tiered support would be best, pay for extended if you want 7 * 24

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Thanks for the requirement for 24x7 Support.  This is on our list of support enhancements that we are looking at.


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I have asked for this in the past and second this.

Bottom line if you are going to market yourself and sell yourself as an Enterprise product (which you are) then you need to support it like one.

My company is a Fortune 500 and 100% relies on Orion for alerting, reporting, netflows etc ESPECIALLY alerting.

We have been asking for 24/7/365 for some time and we still feel it is sorely needed.

I would like to add to this too..  we are a fairly major MSP as we use Orion and all the sub components.  I would love to do the product upgrades over the weekends but due to there being no weekend support, I have to do the upgrades just after core working hours so i only affect the customers who have 24/7 support. 

I think Solarwinds need to sort this out...   but it is no small task... 

the way to achieve it might be to do the Fluke-networks model, where end users can uplift their support to GOLD where they get 24/7..  it is not cheap but it works. 

would might have to have an agreed SLA though where you guarantee a response within a certain level of time, rather than the current random 2 hours, up to 48 hours for a response


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> an agreed SLA though where you guarantee a response within a certain level
> of time, rather than the current random 2 hours, up to 48 hours for a response

I have to agree with this statement.  24x7 support is important, but for my money, consistency of response is much more important right now.  A 24x7 system worth paying for can't be put into place until the foundation is built.

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I agree that 24x7 support is absolutely necessary to offer for an Enterprise software package such as this.  I also agree with what some of the others have posted and think that the additional support should be offered as an additional opt-in maintenance contract so that only those that want it have to pay for it. 

Orion has a very attractive pricing model for it's feature set and to keep costs down going forward I think that the additional support needs to be an add-on service.

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While we are on the topic of building a strong support infrastructure, please keep in mind that currently Teir 1 support is very weak to the point of dragging out issues much longer than needed in some cases.  On the other hand teir 2 is VERY strong.

About 25% of my cases I would guess (tops) are solved by teir1 whereas the rest are resolved by teir 2 or higher.

That also leads to another topic of escalation.  There needs to be a better way to do that then for me to scream at my rep.

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I have to weigh in on the Rep note!

You actually spend time talking to your rep?

At the best the reps are the weakest link in any process when dealing with SW.

Support needs some help, agreed. The director is doing a great job of catching up. Certainly, there is more to be done. I would suggest that a Suport Forum be set up for just these SUPPORT issues. Support and its management can then chime in or fix what many see as broken. No griping because an incident didn't work once. Only thematic problems.

One of the largest problems that I have had with support people is when they "guess" at a fix or even worse, don't tell others in Support about the fix! THAT needs to be fixed.

Just my 2 cents worth. I think that we are on to something positive here. Thanks for the ear.

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One of the largest problems that I have had with support people is when they "guess" at a fix or even worse, don't tell others in Support about the fix! THAT needs to be fixed.

I have had similar experiences.  It feels like each support tech is an island and unaware of similar or same issues that exist and/or have been resolved by other techs.  I often find myself pointing the techs to Thwack posts about issues.

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Hi All--

I just want to assure all of you that our support team and manager are aware of this problem. They are working to resolve matters and provide the best support they can. Your patience is really appreciated.



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24x7 support is mandatory. No 2 tiers. We pay enough already.

I agree about the foundation. Build it strong first.

My contract infers 24x7 even though that is not true. Service is very good but this is a hole that needs to be plugged.

Why has it taken so long to even realize this? I have been asking for this for about 6 years now.

Thanks for the ear.

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