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Stopping a Node Reboot Alert?

hey folks,

we're creating alerts for our nodes which will only alert them being down if they have been down for more than 10 minutes. This works great but misses the nodes that rebooted since they reboot in less than 10 minutes. So to catch the rebooted nodes I created an advanced Alert which sends an email if the boot time changes, this also works great and now we catch everything.


If we are doing maintenance on a node and we want to intentionally reboot it how do I stop the boot time alert from firing once the node is back online?

I've tried to use our custom property of "Managed", this is a yes/no check box and we use this with other alerts so when were doing maintenance we simply untick the box in Custom Property Editor (the alert has a condition which states the Managed custom property must be ticked), when we're finished we tick the box. We tried this for the boot time alert but when we ticked it after the reboot we got an alert saying the boot time had changed, quite understandable, but how do I stop it?

many thanks


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Level 7

This should work.  We use start and end times and to suppress alerts during that time.  We also use a patching field that when it is populated the alerts won't trigger.  If you can paste a screenshot, I might be able to help you.

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If you are intentionally working on a node and need to reboot, but do not what the reboot alert, you could simply unmanage the node in Orions system manager, or if your using V9, a node can be unmanaged from the website.  Once unmanaged, it will not trigger any alerts, then simply manage the node once work has been completed.  I know this is an extra step, but I do not know of an "automated" way of accomplishing what you are trying. 

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Level 8

Is this not possible?

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