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Level 7

Status of Nodes not changed or update with delay after upgrading solar to 2021 version

After upgrading Solar NPM to the 2021 version, my node status doesn't change or change with delay. Also, my reset Alert is not working properly.

I have tried to check node status both in classic and enhanced mode, but nothing changed.

With manage and unmanaged nodes, the problem will be solved. But I have lots of nodes and managing and un-managing them with this method is not a good solution.

I really appreciate it if anyone can help me in this regard.

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Post upgrade did you reboot your servers ? Orion pollers + DB ?

Yes, But the problem exists.

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As @JaroslawLadyga mentioned rerunning the config wizard and selecting all 3 options website,services&Db might help.

But this is kinda strange, i would suggest you to open a case with SolarWinds rather, its good they take a look at the logs as well.

Level 13

Try to restart all services and Orion website.

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I have done this. but the issue still exists.

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So I'd suggest to run Config Wizard again.

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I have done this but nothing happened.

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