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Level 10

Spinoff: What are your Must-haves for your core router(s) NPM profile page

I'm building out a profile for our core 3925 router, looking for input on what you have on your core Router page.

For instance, I have a config tab, I display packet loss and response time graphs, vlans and CPU charts.

Any gems out there?

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Level 12


  • Summary
  • Vital Stats
  • Network

For Summary:

  • Node details
  • Management
  • Polling details
  • Availability Statitics
  • All Dependencies
  • All IP address
  • Event Summary
  • Last 25 events
  • CPU forecast
  • Memory Forecast

Vital stats:

  • Average response time and packet loss gauge
  • Average CPU and Memory Utilization Gauge
  • Network Latency and Packet Loss
  • Percent Availability
  • Hardware Health
  • Last 10 Errors and Failures
  • NPM network topology
  • Device Power Consumption
  • EnergyWise Node Details
  • Routing Neighbour
  • Routing Table
  • Top 10 flapping routes
  • Mutlicast Traffic by group
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