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Sonar Discovery - Hundreds of unwanted interfaces

Is there a quick and easy way to stop my daily sonar discovery from telling me that there are tons and tons of newly found interfaces and volumes? There are hundreds of useless "WAN Miniport" interfaces and optical drives that I don't want in my daily discovery results. Is there an easier way to get rid of those without manually selecting each one and adding it to the ignore list?

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I hear you about the Sonar Discovery's potential, and the disappointment in the lack of ability to utilize it's potential.

How about removing everything except the junky garbage through the db?

I know it is probably not the preferred method, but it does work.

FROM [SWNPMDB].[dbo].[DiscoveryProfiles]

FROM [SWNPMDB].[dbo].[DiscoveryIgnoredNodes]

FROM [SWNPMDB].[dbo].[DiscoveryIgnoredInterfaces]

I would love for it to simply scan a range of IPs and just automatically add all interfaces that are currently up but not yet being monitored.

And I would like for it to do this without having to bend and break it to the point where I can make it work... I just want it to work.

NPM's entire management/selection interface is long overdue for an upgrade.

We need to be able to filter, search, and select with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Select All would be fun to have.

Maybe they will get something better worked out with this new "UI Refresh" beta they are working with.


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Also I'm disappointed that there's no apparent way to remove interfaces from the ignore list in bulk. God forbid you add switches to the ignore list... you have to manually select each interface in order to remove them from the ignore list. Is there a better way around this, as well?

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Solution to this: Chrome/Firefox add-ons that check all boxes for you.



The new SAM beta is promising a more granular and automated discovery process:

Also the SDK has a few posts about using it to automate adding nodes, interfaces, etc.  I am trying it out as we speak: volumes

How do I add CPU, RAM, and Disk pollers to a new SNMP node via the Python API?

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johnny ringo

I have been messing around with that beta for a couple of weeks, however, being for SAM, it does not read/manage the node interfaces.

I would really like to see a super beta, so to speak, NPM/NCM/SAM, all running on the new platform.

Those are our 3 main systems, and would be able to show me the "360 degree" view of my environment under this new bag of tricks.

It only takes time, right?

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