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Level 7

Solarwinds web Footer setting

Hi All,

Can I know, where I can edit solarwinds web gui Footer setting?

because someone has edit my footer to display in the middle of our solarwinds web.

see attach.

please advice

Thanks and Regards,


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Level 9

I would open a support incident on this problem. I can only speculate since I have not observed this exact issue. I suspect a problem with MS dot Net Patches.

Level 14

A few things:

  • Try incognito mode.
  • Try a different browser.

If these are giving the same results, run the configuration wizard SHOULD reset your web configuration as far as some of this customization is concerned. Make sure you have backups/snapshots and have backups of files in case you did make any custom modifications because this notoriously wipes them out, but if you haven't done the configurations in your environment this should be what the doctor ordered.

Hi jrouviere​ Thanks for the reply,

yesterday I already try on the different browser and other laptop to. and still the same result, and I try to rebuild solarwind web console

also already re configure all (DB, website, services) using configuration wizard

but still no luck.

Thanks and Regards,


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Level 10

I'm really curious what triggered this change. I would figure out who changed your Footer and what they did and then revert that change.

If it turns out that they did something to the css-files, NPM Menu Bar Color Change is a thread from someone who wanted to change the colour of the Header. I imagine the css for the Footer will be somewhere around the same location.

I don't recommend muddling around there if at all avoidable, though.

Hi Sander,

thanks for the reply,

Same with me, I'm curious to, but to bad no one know.

thanks for the css-files info, I will look into it first.

of course I will backup it first just in case

Thanks and Regards,


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