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Solarwinds support - deceased ?

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Logged a ticket on the 24th - no response

Asked for an update on the 28th - no response

Exactly how do you get support these day's ?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @sdawson35!

Your case has been escalated and picked up by a skilled EMEA rep.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Level 14

Welcome to Solarwinds Technical Support. It's been this way for the better part of a decade. They put the responsibility on you, the customer, to do more work to get your ticket seen/escalated. 

However, if you download a free app or give them your email address for anything other than support, you'll get a barrage of emails from sales, so there's that.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @sdawson35!

Your case has been escalated and picked up by a skilled EMEA rep.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Also try dropping an email to

The mailbox is monitored and useful for escalating if you don't receive a timely response.

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I recently learned that they have different levels of support that you can purchase.  They are expensive but have SLAs.  I have the same issue and I have to get a hold of my sales rep. 

Once I have a ticket created online, I generate the diagnostics files from my pollers.  When they're complete I call the Solarwinds Technical Support number and reference the ticket I created online.

That usually gets me into a phone queue to talk with someone in person.  I might be on hold for 20 minutes, maybe longer, maybe a lot shorter.

I ask if they want the diagnostic files uploaded, (sometimes they do, but not always), I upload them if they request, and then give them a couple of hours to review the case information and run the diagnostics through their reader.  

They usually call me back after those couple of hours, but if they don't, I call them and ask them in a friendly way if they need anything else to make progress on the case.

When I have a Solarwinds product-down emergency I mention that in the initial phone call, and have never been disappointed.  Usually someone gets back to me in just a few minutes, and they have the skill set to recover from whatever I might have broken, or will have an answer for patching to correct the issue, or can rebuild and get everything going again for me.  Sometimes it's pretty quick, sometimes it takes a few hours.  Never more than six hours when I've had a total failure of the Solarwinds web interface, and that includes initial contact and generating the diagnostics and uploading them.

May your case be addressed & resolved soon, and may you and your customers soon return to having Swift Packets!






Rick Schroeder

Level 13

This has been my experience with the last year or so.  I too have to call my account team to get any traction at all.

Rarely do I get a tech that is responsive or knowledgable.  The last ticket I had was worked for over a week, when I called last and my support person wasn't available, he solved the issue in 15 minutes.

Well we are 3 weeks in and still no closer to a resolution - The tech that's been assigned is clearly offshore and so international time zones are having a big impact  - also I don't believe that they understand the problem we are having as they seem to be asking for the same information constantly or possibly missing what I am telling them.

So in an effort to maybe move this on I will list the issues 

1. All snmp 3 managed nodes (maybe snmp 2 as well) are constantly (like at the seconds interval) are toggling between "cannot poll" or "an interface has an issue" or both and the back to normal again  - this happens to over 400 nodes.

1a. When a node shows any of the above errors and you run an snmp test it passes 

2. This impacts all our performance graphs meaning we are getting no usable information 

3. The msmq queues are all empty 0 

We are running 2019.4 with HF5 (Orion Platform HF5, IPAM HF1, NCM HF1, NPM HF2, NTA, UDT HF2: 2019.4 © 1999-2020 SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. All Rights Reserved.)




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Level 16

What's your ticket #?

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Level 9

I usually reach out to the solarwinds account manager to have a support team look at a pressing case if they haven't responded for some time.

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