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Solarwinds rebuild


we need to rebuild the Solarwinds application server from scratch. Do you know if all the Solarwinds data and configuration is held on the backend SQL server?

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The majority of perfmon history, configuration and integration data is stored in the database. As @saschg mentioned, you should be fine, and can test it on another machine if you'd like first. Download the current eval in a VM, restore the DB from a backup and follow the migration of "clean reinstall" guide. That will let you test in a sandbox before you migrate.

There are a few settings like the log configurator that are local in config files, but unless you've been tuning at a low level, you'll be getting re-optimized default settings anyway with a clean install.

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@patrick.hubbardCan you provide a link the "clean install" guide?  I also have to rebuild my environment.  Thanks

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Of course. You're basically doing a server migration, note @silverbacksays steps on releasing licenses on the existing machine first. 

Let me know if that's what you need. 🙏

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As @saschg states, so long as you have the Orion database backed up, and in a good state, you'll be good. Main points to remember: 


  1. If possible, release your licenses prior to shutting down your polling engines. If it's too late for this, you'll have to put in a ticket via your Customer Portal, asking them to reset the activation on your licenses due to a loss of all polling engines. You can rebuild using evaluation licenses, to tide you over while you wait for your licenses to be reset. 

  2. The Orion database has a number of places where the polling engines are recorded. When you run the Configuration Wizard on your new polling engine server(s), a new entry will be added to these tables. These will need to be tidied up. There are two ways of doing this:

    You will need to remote the old entries for your now dead pollers by deleting the rows from the relevant tables (can be done using the Orion Database Manager or SQL Server Managent Studio


    Move all nodes on to the new polling engines, then and then remove the now unused (old) polling engines with a click of a button within the Polling Engines page in settings.
- Jez Marsh
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Most data and settings are stored in the DB. 
I suggest to have a look at the migration docs here:

Please do not forget to release the license on your old system. It even works while being offline, steps are here at task 2.3: