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Solarwinds and Tripplite UPS


I currently have several Tripplite UPS power management backup units installed in our network, most with the WebLX addon card installed that supports HTML 5.  I am finding several of the cards are reporting "Receive Discards", very few but they are reporting the errors.

I have tried several things to get them to play nice with SW:

1.  Updated firmware to latest available on the website (15.5.5)

2. Removed and re-added the cards from SW

3. Resat the card physically.

4.  Did a software reset of the card.

Changed the speed at which it connects to our Cisco switches from Auto to 100 FULL/100 HALF etc.. (cards are only 100 MB).

I am perplexed what to do, some of the unit are going across a VPN tunnel to me, so are local.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, I am ready to just remove the from SW and maybe setup their SMTP warning instead.


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maybe there is nothing smart but I'd suggest to ignore discards if there are no performance issues. Once I had Cisco switch which reported hundrets of thousends of discards per hour on one port but nothing wrong happened, no performance nor transmission problems.

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Hi dmatlock​. Welcome to Thwack.

Your post is in NTA, which is a Netflow forum. It would probably get better response in the NPM forum since this question has nothing to do with NTA. Anyway...

There are a number of UPS topics/threads online here. Maybe some are about APC, but the basic info should be very much similar in manner of approach as Tripplite. The Custom Pollers will have different names, of course. Check this out to get started: Re: Power Control Unit Status APC ups NPM 12.4
Check this out for TrippLite specific MIBs:TrippLite UPS Systems

Change the file extension to .UnDP before trying to import.

Good info here too: Setting up Universal Device Pollers for UPS

Regards, Eric

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Thank you, I have moved the thread.

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Have you made any progress with your Tripplite needs?

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Not as of yet, I contacted Tripplite and they said for the weblx cards the MIBS need to load in a certain order?  So I have asked them for the instructions and will reach out back to Solarwinds customer support to assist.

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Hi all,

I work on the Tripp Lite software team. If there's still pending issues on this (or Tripp Lite SNMP questions in general) and we can help, feel free to tag me.

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We are looking to implement Tripp Lite.  We were hesitant because we did not see native pollers.  Any guidance for this?  I did not see any articles on this.

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I should be able to get something together and post it for the community. To anyone reading this feel free to nudge me via direct message if I don't circle back in a week or two.

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Minor update: Tripp Lite UPS systems with a WEBCARDLX (or SNMPWEBCARD) support the "UPS MIB" RFC1628, so generic UPS pollers like this tend to work.

These documents from our website might also be useful to users that land on this page:

I still plan to circle back with more detailed examples too.

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Following up on my earlier comments, I made this post and shared two UnDPs I created:

Interested in community feedback. I hope these are helpful.

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