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Solarwinds and DCIM

We invested into iPDUs and DCIM solution from Sunbird (formerly Raritan): PowerIQ & dcTrack, for all of our locations so we can keep track of our rack elevations with detailed asset tracking & power usage, environmental monitoring and remote power management.

We are currently rolling out Solarwinds NPM (with SRM, SAM, IPAM, VManager, etc..) and I was wondering if anybody had any success incorporating power usage statistics and alerts into Solarwinds.

My ultimate goal is the ability to correlate power consumption data with asset performance in PerfStack and display any power and environmental alerts in NOC view and/or Dashboard.

Any insight, ideas will be greatly appreciate it.

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Just curious- has anyone made any progress on this?  I'm looking at netTerrain, Sunbird, etc now.

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Since there was no direct link between the two solutions, our company decided to utilize Jupiter-ELK to collect and correlate events, logs, and performance data from various monitoring and ticketing systems. Splunk> solutions would also provide such correlation.

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At best you may find all the compatibilities and hooks pre-built in NPM. At worst all you may need to do is create one or more Universal Device Pollers and reference your equipment with them.  You're in a great position for starting this!

I've reached out to SunbirdDCIM and they are willing to look into it and provide a streamlined solution. Once they do, I'll update this post. in the meantime I'll be working on building UDP that will get the most out of the iPDU and UPS hardware.

Are they already SNMP capable?  If so, you may be able to do a SNMP Walk and get a head start on your poller

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