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Solarwinds Web Widgets on a 3rd Party Website

So we use several different monitoring tools here, Solarwinds is a big one but we recently got Splunk for firewall log viewing, analytics and correlation. My coworker who built and configured the Splunk app is curious if it would be possible to add the NTA widgets from the Solarwinds website into our Splunk site and if possible, get the data on them updated based on the search criteria for the splunk lookup. Is that possible?

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I add resources from our solarwinds system to Sharepoint all the time!  Almost anything that's displayed in Orion can be used somewhere else.  I put links in sharepoint that link to utilization and availability resource graphs from NPM.  If you view as resource you link to anything as long as it has credentials.  I use an account for this and pass authentication info with the URL like this:

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It might be possible, with some fancy scripting, but it's not something that is supported. The best I could suggest is to create a custom noc view with the resources you'd like to share, for internal use only, with an associated user, with nothing but view privileges, and have that website displayed in Splunk.

The reason I specified 'internal use only' is because you can embed the username and password in to the URL that is displayed, thus:

http://orionserver/orion/Summary view.aspx?isnocview=true&ViewID=<noc_view_id>&AccountID=<noc_username>&Password=<noc-user_password>


noc_view_id: The view ID for the custom "widgit" view (displayed as part of the URL when you preview it).

noc_username: The username for your limited, view account.

noc-user_password: The password for the noc_username account.

- Jez Marsh
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