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Level 9

Solarwinds Time Zone on server

As a global company we have 4 data centers 1 in APAC region, 2 IN USA region and 1 In EU region.

Currently we are ruining with 1 main poller,1 Orion DB and 1 NTA DB in US region (CST time Zone) and 1 poller from Singapore  & 1 from Brussels (both pollers are on there respective datacenter time zones)

My question is do we need to keep our all solarwinds servers and pollers in a single time zone  or is it OK with there respective time zones. What solarwinds recommend on this.

If my configured time zones are correct then how the alerting and event process work.

when i use to open my solarwinds console i gets confuse on alerts and events. (I use to work from KST time zone.)

Please let understand what is this time zone process and how it converts and how it shows me.

We are currently using below modules .

Orion Platform 2016.2.100, NCM 7.5.1, IVIM 2.1.2, QoE 2.2.0, NetPath 1.0.1, NPM 12.0.1, NTA 4.2.1

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Level 12

It would be nice if SW played well with time zones, but it really doesn't.  For that reason and just to keep things consistent, we put everything (routers, switches, servers, pollers, etc...) into the same time zone as our data center.

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