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Level 8

Solarwinds Orion DB maintenance conflicts with DBA's standard SQL maintenance

I'm considering asking our DBA's to disable their weekly SQL maintenance routines.  Periodically, we seem to run into an issue where SolarWinds' inherent maintenance job will collide with our in-house maintenance jobs.

Is SolarWinds' recommendation that only their maintenance routines be run?  Or could their be critical things in a SQL maintenance routine that we should keep running in tandem?

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Level 16

You can always change the time the Orion DB maintenance runs so it does not collide with your other jobs. The link below describes how you can edit that setting.

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I had thought there was a substantial enough timing offset already in place but for whatever reason another collision occurred recently.

I just figured that if there was no point in having our DBAs run theirs, I would ask them to skip it...

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