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Solarwinds Orion Alerts on Client Machines


We are looking at the way our Solarwinds Orion alerts us to downed nodes.  Our main Orion server is sat in our server room and so we use client machines to log into and monitor Orion via a web browser.  We currently have it set to email us when a node goes down and again after ten minutes of it being down.

We are looking to make the alert more prominent so that it isn't missed when we are not looking at the web browser or in the mailbox where the alerts are sent to.  Ideally, we would like to set an audible alert, but after looking into this I believe that this can only be done on the main Orion server? (please correct me if I'm wrong!).

The other thing we have done is to set an audible alert when a 'downed node' email is sent to Outlook, but this seems to be unreliable to say the least. 

If anybody has set up something on their client machines, audible or otherwise, to make alerts more prominent then I would be grateful to know what and how you implmented them.

Thanks in advance!

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check out this thread: Re: Desktop Notifications for Orion

I get a nice little popup on my desktop even if I don't have a current open window on Solarwinds.

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So this isn't working for you?

To clarify:
Vinay BY - you are right that setting up a "play a sound" in the Alert Trigger Actions will play the sound on the primary polling engine. Not particularly helpful.

However, since about 2010, one of the options in the User Account settings has been to play an alert sound (you can pick from three, or you can add your own by placing a .WAV file in \inetpub\SolarWinds\NetPerfMon\Sounds).

Granted, the alert will be the same for every alert. But remember, these aren't RINGTONES, it's just an audible poke-in-the-shoulder to wake you up at 3am. If you need something really jarring, try this one (that site has LOTS of great sounds, in case you need them).

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This is exactly what I need!  However, I'm having issues getting it working.  The directory for the sound files did not exist on the client machine, so I created it manaully and set the account to pick up on the chord.wav file that I placed in there.  I then forced a device to go down, but no sound.... Any ideas?

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This requires a plugin that crashes all of the time on machines here (shockwave I think).

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Hi Richard

Do you know whwere you download the plugin from?



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I've turned it off because it crashes our browsers which is annoying as heck.

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Thanks, will give it a shot and see if it works

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Answer to - [Ideally, we would like to set an audible alert, but after looking into this I believe that this can only be done on the main Orion server? (please correct me if I'm wrong!).] is correct. Alerts are set up using Basic/Advanced Alert Manager, this resides in Main Poller (Main Orion Server). For your requirement under actions/trigger actions in a Basic/Advanced alert you can use "play a sound" or "text to speech output" option.

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Thanks for this, but still not an option for us then, as we are using client machines and are not logging directly onto the server.

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Why not go lowfi and run a speaker out from the server closet to your cube farm? Wireless or extended over IP would work also.

We run a simple PC with very limited user rights connected to a larger LCD dashboard to show us a visual cue that something is red - if the remote speakers are nearby everyone will simply assume it's from your dashboard cpu.

I won't tell.

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Cheers, not a bad idea!  Going down a route like this had crossed our minds, but always good to hear that somebody else has implemented it!

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